Step by Step Conversion Procedure via Screenshots

Step 1

Download or Purchase the Software and then load all the file by selecting the Browse button.

Step 2

From the open window choose the NSF file and then click on open button.

Step 3

In the next screenshot click on Browse button to select the names.nsf file (address book) of Lotus Notes.

Step 4

Same window will be open after pressing browse button then choose the names.nsf file and click on Open.

Step 5

From the highlighted area choose "Migrate Contacts…" If you want to separately save the Name.nsf file into single PST file. Check in the box of "Export Selected Folder" to convert standard folder of Lotus Notes.

Step 6

As you check in the box "Export.." then a dialog box will pop up as shown below. Choose the desired folder and then click on Apply button.

Step 7

After click on Next button window named Select Criteria will be open in which user can choose the category of Lotus Notes Item.

Step 8

User can exclude the data by applying the Filter to all the categories of Lotus Notes items like Emails, Calendar, Tasks & Journal. Specify the date range from where you want to export data.

Step 9

"Exclude Duplicate Contacts" is used to remove duplicity from the Contacts.

Step 10

User can choose the criteria on that basis software will filter the contacts.

Step 11

"Apply Advance option" is used to apply advance setting like Preserve HTML Format and many more..

Step 12

As you click on setting window of Advance Setting will be open in which user can Preserve Html format, Internet Header, doclinks and many more.

Step 13

In the tab of Email Address Translation user can map canonical name with the SMTP address.

Step 14

In the tab of Custom Folder Mapping user can map standard folder with the system folder & customize folder and then click on Apply button.

Step 15

If you want to break large NSF file in to small PST file then you can do so by specifying the size in MB/GB.

Step 16

After applied the entire settings click on Export button to convert all the NSF files.

Step 17

Get the entire data conversion report of each item in the Status Report. Click on Ok button.